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Performance Event Statistics

Many of the wonderful activities available to Pharaoh Hounds are non-competitive. They participate just for the joy of it. However, several of the various organizations in which our hounds do compete compile Top 10 statistics. Congratulations to these hounds and their handlers! 2011 Statistics 2010 Statistics 2009 Statistics

Racing Events

Racing Events Pharaoh hounds may participate in two different amateur racing venues in the USA. One is straight racing in which the hounds sprint in a race for 200 yards on a straight, flat track. This is Large Gazehound Racing Association or LGRA racing. The second is oval racing in which the hounds race a […]


There are many Pharaoh Hounds titled in the obedience field.  Although typically sighthound in temperament, thereby often requiring some “creative” training methods, their desire to please, combined with their sharp intelligence, makes them excellent candidates for the competition obedience ring.


The Pharaoh Hound in agility is a picture of efficiency.  Their speed and sense of adventure lends itself to the fast pace and excitement of the agility ring.

Lure Coursing

Breeders have carefully bred to preserve the breed’s natural love of the chase. Because of this, they are fierce competitors on the lure coursing fields. Pharaoh Hounds frequently are Best in Field winners and love nothing more than the opportunity to run. There are a number of lure coursing trials held around the country throughout […]


Conformation Most Pharaoh Hounds love the excitement and attention found in the conformation ring. Recent years have seen the breed begin to receive the recognition it deserves in the Hound Group and Best in Show rings. This is a breed which is very often “owner handled” which adds to the fun for many. The Pharaoh […]

Pharaoh Hound Activities

Pick Your Sport . . . . There is no end to the list of Pharaoh Hound activities. In addition to the “traditional” competitions in the Sighthound world, the recent past has found the Pharaoh Hound entering into some new areas of activities … and, as usual, they are excelling. A few of the fun […]