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Living With Pharaohs

This is an active, high energy breed. They need to exercise and play hard to stay physically and mentally fit. That being said, a pharaoh hound does not make a good “outdoor” dog. They are very people oriented and need to be active family members in order to thrive. Like all breeds that hunt in […]

Breed Standard

Pharaoh Hound Breed Standard

AKC PHARAOH HOUND BREED STANDARD GENERAL APPEARANCE General Appearance is one of grace, power and speed. The Pharaoh Hound is medium sized, of noble bearing with hard clean-cut lines — graceful, well balanced, very fast with free easy movement and alert expression. THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS THAT OF THE IDEAL PHARAOH HOUND. ANY DEVIATION FROM […]

The Illustrated Guide

An illustrated discussion of the Pharaoh Hound Breed Standard prepared by The Pharaoh Hound Club of America, Inc This booklet has been prepared by the Judge’s Education Committee of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America, for the purpose of promoting better understanding of the Pharaoh Hound. It is hoped that the comparison of the Standard […]

History of the Breed

History of the Pharaoh Hound

The early 1960’s saw the introduction of the Pharaoh Hound to the United Kingdom, thanks to Mrs. Pauline Block, whose husband, Adam Block, was the General in charge of the British troops stationed on Malta. It was due to Mrs. Block’s fascination with the beauty and elegance of the breed that we see their arrival […]


Do Pharaoh Hounds have unique traits? Yes, when excited, the Pharaoh Hound smiles and blushes. It is common to see a Pharaoh Hound showing you every tooth in its mouth while wiggling its entire body. Not every Pharaoh Hound “smiles”, however, every Pharaoh Hound blushes. When excited, the inside of their ears and the nose […]

About The Pharaoh Hound

About The Pharaoh Hound The Pharaoh Hound is one of the oldest known domesticated dogs, his predecessor being the dog-like animal called the “Canis Familaris Leineri.” The antiquity of these Egyptian hounds is proven by the many sculptured delineations and decorative friezes (many in color) of Egyptian temples dating back to 4400 B.C. Although the […]