PHCA Rescue

The PHCA rescue committee is chaired by three regional representatives in an effort to provide the most thorough coverage in potential rescue situations. Fortunately, there are very few Pharaoh Hounds that enter our rescue program each year. Individuals interested in adopting a rescued dog are required to submit an adoption application. Approved adopters are provided with any available history on the dog, general breed information and the name and telephone number of a PHCA member in their area should they need any assistance. All approved adopters are required to sign an adoption agreement guaranteeing the return of the dog to the PHCA rescue program in the event the dog must be given up for any reason whatsoever. No Pharaoh Hound will be released to an adopter without first being spayed/neutered and either microchipped or tattooed for the purpose of permanent identification. Cost of adoption will consist of reimbursement of actual costs incurred for spay, neuter, identification and transport, if applicable. It should be noted that it is very rare that a puppy would become available through the rescue program. For more information concerning the rescue program or to report a Pharaoh Hound in trouble, contact:

Pam Haig
email Pam

Robert Newman
Santa Ana, CA
email Robert

Laurie Laventhal
Fruitland Park, FL 34731-0633
email Laurie

Sheila Hoffman
Brighton, TN
email Sheila

Marie Henke
Wadsworth, OH 44281
email Marie

Darci Kunard
Denver, CO
email Darci

Sue Carter
email Sue

Theresa Harper
email Theresa