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Racing Events

In addition to lure coursing, more Pharaohs have been participating in running events. As Pharaoh Hounds love to run and chase, this is a natural for them ~ Pharaoh Hounds and Amateur Dog Racing ~ Written by PHCA member Julie Gwin

Pharaoh hounds may participate in two different amateur racing venues in the USA.

  • One is straight racing in which the hounds sprint in a race for 200 yards on a straight, flat track. This is Large Gazehound Racing Association or LGRA racing.
  • The second is oval racing in which the hounds race a set distance on an oval track. The distances for the oval tracks may vary from club to club. The distances range from 241 yards - 440 yards. This is National Oval Track Racing Association or NOTRA racing

LGRA or NOTRA Eligibility for Pharaoh Hounds

Hounds must be 1 year of age or older on the day of the race meet and must be a purebred Pharaoh hound. There are no breed disqualifications for racing. Please check with your breeder before you start racing your hound as each dog matures at a different rate. Safety of your dog is paramount in all venues.

What Happens At A Race Meet?

In both LGRA and NOTRA, a race meet consists of 3 programs. Within each program are the individual races such that each dog will race a total of 3 times. Hounds are first separated by breed, each breed runs only against hounds in that breed. Hounds are then separated by racing experience (or grade) in that venue. The grade is based upon the hound’s previous racing experience in that venue. This just means that the faster dogs run against the faster dogs. Hounds that have never raced before are referred to as “First Time Entered” hounds or “FTEs” and they are started in the first program in the slower hounds race. For a breed to compete at a meet, there is a minimum of 2 starters (entries), so make sure your breed buddies bring a dog for yours to run against. All dogs must run with properly fitted muzzles and numbered race blankets. Dogs are released from racing boxes or hand-slipped, depending on the club and equipment available. The hounds chase a drag lure from start to finish. The drag lure consists of a white plastic bag on a line attached to a motorized wheel, very similar to lure coursing. LGRA also uses a jack-a-lure which is a pelt covered squawker. Judges are present at the finish line and record the race finish. Scores are earned with each race depending on the finish with the faster dogs getting the higher scores. After each race, the dogs within each breed are regrouped based on points earned so that the faster dogs are running with the faster dogs. At the end of all three races the points are tallied up and placements and points are awarded.

LGRA and NOTRA Racing Titles

LGRA Racing #1Hounds may earn points toward a Racing Champion title in each venue. The points awarded are based on the number of entries for that meet and the placements of the hounds after the completion of the third program.
For LGRA, a hound may earn the Gazehound Racing Champion (GRC) Title by earning 12 GRC points.For NOTRA, a hound may earn the Oval Racing Champion (ORC) Title by earning 12 ORC points. Both venues also have a more advanced title of Superior Gazehound Racing Champion (SGRC) or Superior Oval Racing Champion (SORC).

Hound can also earn intermediate titles in NOTRA. These titles are a participation title much like the JC, SC and MC in AKC coursing. In NOTRA, a hound that completes all races in 4 meets may earn the Junior Oval Racer (JOR) title. The title of Senior Oval Racer (SOR) is awarded to the hound that finishes in the top half of the dogs that completed all races in 6 meets.

How do you find out more about racing?

Each racing venue has its own website.Information about LGRA can be found on www.LGRA.organd information about NOTRA can be found on Canadians also have their own racing venues. Information about Canadian racing can be found on . As an avid racing enthusiast in the USA and Canada, I’d be glad to provide you with additional racing information if you would like to contact me.

Points Awarded

Eligible EntryHigh Score HoundSecond High ScoreThird High ScoreFourth High Score
31-40 (LGRA Only)753
41 or more (LGRA Only)8642